Know your Leather

Know your Leather

After reading this article you''ll know why some of your leather products are so Expensive and some aren't,why some leather cracks n tears and brings tears to your eyes !!!!

There are four different type of Leather that's got from the hide: Full Grain Top Grain Genuine & Bonded

Full Grain Leather

Full Grain Leather comes from the top layer of the hide which has all of the grain, that's Full Grain Leather. The natural surface of Full grain leather burnishes and beautifies with use. It's the best leather money can buy

Top Grain Leather

This is the second highest grade because it is split from the top layer of blemished hide than sanded and refinished. This is how they get rid of scars,scrapes and low cow brands.Top grain leather does not age nicely with use. It's strong and durable but not good enough for saddleback. They sanded off the strongest fibres of the hide leaving mainly the horizontal (easily pulled apart) fibers

Genuine Leather

This is the third grade of the leather and is produced from the layers of the hide that remain after the top is split off for the better grades. the surface is usually refinished (spray painted) to resemble a higher grade. It can be smooth or rough.

Bonded Leather

Bonded Leather is the dust and shavings of the leather glued and pressured together. It is the PT cruiser of the leather world .. pure junk. Leftover scraps are ground together with glue and resurfaced in the process similar to vinyl manufacture. Bonded leather is week and degrades quickly with use

So you''ll know whats the best leather always go for Full Grain Leather, of-course finding such leather here is quite a challenge but you are sure to find it @ Two Horns